Ragnar Jonasson

author of the Dark Iceland series

Nightblind straight to no. 1

Nightblind (Náttblinda), the latest book in the Dark Iceland Series, went straight to No. 1 as the best selling hardcover fiction on the Icelandic Eymundsson Bestseller List in October 2014.


Iceland – a country of no crimes, no murders and no weapons?

A policeman in the small and isolated northern Icelandic village of Siglufjordur is shot with a shotgun at point blank range in the middle of the night.

A patient is compulsorily committed to a psychiatric ward in Reykjavik.

A young woman moves to Siglufjordur, escaping a violent partner.

Together, these threads form the plot of Nightblind, a powerful crime novel where the roots of the crimes lie in a tragic past under the sophisticated surface.

Nightblind is due in the UK from ORENDA BOOKS in 2016.