Ragnar Jonasson

author of the Dark Iceland series

"British aficionados of Nordic Noir are familiar with two excellent Icelandic writers, Arnaldur Indriðason and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. Here´s a third: Ragnar Jónasson ... the darkness and cold are almost papable." - THE TIMES

"Compulsively Readable ... what really makes Nightblind stand out is its vivid cast of characters, whose fears, ambitions, rivalries and longings are movingly universal." - OPRAH.com

"There will be no better way to start the year than by reading Nightblind by Ragnar Jonasson ... Jonasson's books have breathed new life into Nordic noir." - SUNDAY EXPRESS

"Nightblind ... certainly lives up to the promise of its predecessor ... this is an atmospheric portrayal of a claustrophobic place where everyone is connected ... economical and evocative prose, as well as some masterful prestidigation ..." - THE GUARDIAN

"Story's got me gripped but even more satisfying is how the characters are never just there as pawns in the plot." - IAN RANKIN


“The new star of the Icelandic crime novel.” - Grazia

“The new crime hit.” - France 5

“... shows the pallid naked face of demure Scandinavian crime novels. [...] Scandinavian crime authors – think of Henning Mankell – often have this talent to find a simple and plausible way out of their intricate plot. No crime baron, no evil genius nor complex strategy: only poor guys struggling with their passion, history and traumas. And when sometimes they finally succeed in breaking their inner frozen water, they do not discover inspiration but murder impulse.” Le Magazine littéraire

“An easy and fluid writing, a real page turner. " The favourite book of Le Parisien’s readers

“An intense & addictive Cluedo game.” Catherine Balle, Le Parisien

"First of all I’ll start by saying Ragnar Jonasson is an insanely good writer. I read a lot of books. And this guy is good. Insanely. … Really its blinking marvellous. Icelandic noir with an absolute touch of class, the atmospheric and beautiful narrative touch brought to the characterisation and plotting is a joy to behold – better still it completely sucks you in.  A masterclass in tension building, ramping up the pressure and the claustrophobic nature of the setting …" - LizLovesBooks.com (1/1/16)

***** 5/5 - "The elegant prose, coupled with the chilling, almost sleepy location, make for an utterly enthralling read. An easy 5 stars for me …" - Bibliophile Book Club

***** 5/5 - "If you have yet to discover the Dark Iceland series you're seriously missing a major new talent in Nordic Noir. Any serious crime fiction fan needs these books on their shelves." - Crimesquad.com (Jan 2016)

***** 5/5 - "Nightblind is a thriller of distinction. It possesses a majestic quality and reigns supreme. With its superb blend of moody environment, undercurrent of unease, and pitch-perfect pace, right now I’m thinking I’ll be hard-pressed to find another book to rival it." - Little Bookness Lane

"... a polished and compelling work of crime fiction." - neverimitate (neverimitate.wordpress.com) (2/1/2016)

"What Ragnar Jónasson gives us in Nighblind is a complex crime thriller written against a backdrop of the wintery Icelandic scenery that Jónasson weaves into the storyline and is nothing short of breath-taking and just adds to the drama that is unfolding." - The Last Word Book Review (1/1/16)

"I loved Nightblind. It is a wonderfully written, well paced story that is enhanced by the chilling backdrop of the Icelandic town." - The Owl on the Bookshelf (28/12/15)

"… the lovechild of Agatha Christie and Icelandic Noir … A marvellous addition to any crime lover's bookshelf, Nightblind is definitely a worthy read!" - MadHatterReviews.co.uk (21/12/15)

"Icelandic Noir has never fallen from the pages of a thriller so eloquently! Dark and chilling, Nightblind has been written with a beautiful prose and a narrative that just begs to be devoured." - MiloRambles.com

"In short I really loved this book. I would definitely recommend this book to others and I can’t wait to read more in this series. Ragnar Jónasson is certainly an author to watch and he seems destined to be up there with the greats." - Best Crime Books and More (4/1/16)

"Beautifully written, NIGHTBLIND is Icelandic Noir at its finest – a modern take on a golden age style mystery, with an extra touch of darkness and an Icelandic twist." - Crimethrillergirl.com (5/1/16)

"The classic whodunit remains at the heart of the book and it is a clever and absorbing one … a very entertaining read and an excellent addition to the Dark Iceland series." - livemanylives.wordpress.com

"Nightblind is a dark read which had me gripped through out." - Bytheletterbookreviews.com (6/1/2016)

"Nightblind is an amazing Icelandic Noir novel … Yet again, Ragnar Jónasson has created a beautifully-written Agatha Christie-style murder mystery …" - Victoria Goldman, Off the Shelf Book Reviews (7/1/2016)