Ragnar Jonasson

author of the Dark Iceland series


"Rupture is a chillingly beautiful book. Atmospheric, subtle and utterly enthralling. ... Like flakes of snow falling from the sky, his words fall gently on the reader and have the ability to chill. Rupture was everything I had been hoping for, and so much more. Stunning. Gripping. So completely worth the wait. All the stars. Always." - Bibliophile Book Club

"The Dark Iceland series is an excellent choice for fans of slow-burning, classic mysteries ... these books are written with an elegance and delicate intelligence that will delight readers of Agatha Christie. If you’re looking for a mystery to immerse yourself in this winter, the Dark Iceland books are a great choice." - Crime by the Book

" If Agatha Christie were alive today I know she would be a huge supporter of this enthralling series and quite rightly so!" - My Chestnut Reading Tree Blog

"Rupture is a great crime novel - a classic mystery with a contemporary nordic twist. It creeps up on you, gripping your attention until you just can't put it down." - Curious Ginger Cat Blog

"flawless, easy and elegant writing" - The Very Pink Notebook Blog

"There was more than a hint of Agatha Christie within the plot, especially as Ari Thór gathered everyone together for the final reveal. I believe these Dark Iceland books will feature on classic crime fiction reading lists for decades to come." - Off the Shelf Books Blog

"Delightfully twisty, frequently sinister and utterly engrossing. I do love the Dark Iceland series and Rupture is another corker." - Grabthisbook.net

"my favourite in the series so far!" ***** - Little Bookness Lane

"This is a beautifully written book and I am sure that special mention must go to Quentin Bates whose translation has such fluidity. The complexity of the plot never seems over-egged. You are simply taken on a wonderful reading journey." - Books, Life and Everything Blog

"Ari Thor is the Nordic Poirot." - Swirl and Thread Blog

" A haunting, atmospheric thriller and a chilling story of secrets, past and present." - The Owl on the Bookshelf Blog

"Ragnar Jónasson’s writing is a real joy to read, flowing as smoothly as an Icelandic fjord ... A must read if you are a lover of crime and thriller genre." - The Last Word Book Review Blog

"It’s a cold winter wind of evil coming from Iceland. Turn up the heat! Wrap up warm. Indulge!" - Northern Crime Blog

"This is crime fiction as its most exciting and storytelling at its most authentic. ... The Dark Iceland series is fast becoming a book shelf collection classic, " - The Word's Shortlist Blog

"Another wonderful example of Icelandic noir from Jónasson which is brilliantly atmospheric and claustrophobic" - Havebookswillread.com

"Ragnar is an accomplished author, and tells stories with ease, using atmosphere and details of daily Icelandic life as his tools." - Iceland Defrosted Blog

"I never bother with these lists of books you must read in your lifetime but if I were to write one myself Rupture would be at the top of the list because it is perfection and an unmissable read." - ***** Bookloverwormblog

"Very highly recommended." - Crimeworm Blog

"This is a classic locked room mystery where there is only a certain amount of suspects to choose from and the discovery of the solution is just pure magic.  This series of books is fast becoming one of my favourites that I’ve read in the genre in a long time. ... I urge every reader who enjoys traditional Golden Age crime mixed with modern-day sensibilities to give this series a try.  ... Beautifully evocative of place and character, these books are a pure delight to read." - Louise Wykes, Shaz's Book Blog

"RUPTURE is Book Four in the ‘DARK ICELAND’ series by Jónasson and is perfect for fans of slow burning crime fiction; particularly if you are fans of Ann Cleeves or Agatha Christie." - The P. Turners Book Blog

"Rupture is an excellent crime read with the beauty of Icelandic location adding plenty atmosphere and chill." - Portobello Book Blog

"Ragnar Jónasson writes so well about his island home that I got a real sense of having visited it in the pages of Rupture." - NutPress.co.uk

"Iceland’s modern answer to Agatha Christie" - Crime Fiction Lover

"Overall an absolutely wonderful book and I have discovered a new favourite author." ***** - Life of a Nerdish Mum Blog

"Gorgeous. Icelandic Noir in a nutshell – that is Ragnar Jonasson and I really cannot recommend these highly enough." - Liz Loves Books

"Elegantly and cleverly paced, with a plot that grips and a totally unexpected ending, this is crime writing of the highest quality." - Random Things Through My Letterbox

"Chillingly brilliant." - TheBooktrail.com

"I thought this was another brilliant novel from Ragnar which has all the ingredients of a fantastic golden age mystery novel with hard-hitting themes and a flawless writing style which lulled me into a false sense of security." - Chillers, Thrillers and Killers Blog

"No one does atmospheric more beautifully than Jonasson ..." - NovelGossip.com

"This whole series is a chilling delight to read. To my mind Rupture is the most skilfully constructed yet." - Never Imitate Blog

"Rupture was gripping from the first page to the last." - Book-drunk.co.uk

"His writing has taken on the confidence and suspenseful skill of a master craftsman perfecting his piece; layer upon layer of meticulous detail patiently added and left to unsettle the reader's mind." - Claire Thinking, Blogspot

"... mystery, darkness, intrigue, romance juxtaposed in this outstandingly masterful creation from very, very, very talented author. Dark. Chilling. Intriguing. Outstanding. Quite simply a masterpiece!" - ronnieturner.wordpress.com