Ragnar Jonasson

author of the Dark Iceland series

Two books sold to Italy

Marsilio Editori in Italy has acquired Italian rights to books no. 4 and 5 in the DARK ICELAND series - Andköf (Whiteout) and Náttblinda (Nightblind). Marsilio have already published the first two books in the series, Snjóblinda (L’angelo di neve) and Myrknætti (I giorni del vulcano). The next one for publication is Rof (Rupture).


Great reviews for NIGHTBLIND in Iceland

NIGHTBLIND was published in Iceland in October 2014.

From Iceland's two largest newspapers: Morgunbladid newspaper said: "A surprise ending in Ragnar's best book." and Fréttabladid newspaper said: "A well plotted crime novel about things which concern all of us."

Leading literary show on Icelandic national TV, Kiljan said "very well done", noting also that the ending was a surprise.

Vikan magazine said: "A great thriller … The story is well constructed, the characters interesting and the ending a surprise. Yet another great book from Ragnar."

Menningarvitinn.is said: "I simply could not put the book down …"


Snowblind and Nigthblind sold to UK

Snowblind and Nightblind, from the Dark Iceland Series, will be published in English by Orenda Books in 2015 (Snowblind) and 2016 (Nightblind). Both books will be translated by crime writer Quentin Bates. Snowblind and Nightblind are both set in the northernmost village in Iceland, Siglufjordur, in wintertime.

Nightblind straight to no. 1

Nightblind (Náttblinda), the latest book in the Dark Iceland Series, went straight to No. 1 as the best selling hardcover fiction on the Icelandic Eymundsson Bestseller List in October 2014.


Iceland – a country of no crimes, no murders and no weapons?

A policeman in the small and isolated northern Icelandic village of Siglufjordur is shot with a shotgun at point blank range in the middle of the night.

A patient is compulsorily committed to a psychiatric ward in Reykjavik.

A young woman moves to Siglufjordur, escaping a violent partner.

Together, these threads form the plot of Nightblind, a powerful crime novel where the roots of the crimes lie in a tragic past under the sophisticated surface.

Nightblind is due in the UK from ORENDA BOOKS in 2016.