Ragnar Jonasson

author of the Dark Iceland series

GUARDIAN Readers' Books of the Year 2016: "The third of Jonasson’s Dark Iceland series to be translated into English (by Quentin Bates) and easily the best yet. Mostly set in Siglufjörður, an isolated town in the north surrounded by mountains and facing out into a loch just outside the Arctic Circle, it is beautifully written and elegantly paced with a plot that only gradually becomes visible, as if the reader had been staring into the freezing fog waiting for shapes to emerge."  

"BLACKOUT is just plain excellent crime writing." - Crime by the Book Blog

"Reading these books, catching up with Ari Thor and returning to Iceland feels like catching up with an old friend. Though the subject matter is dark, VERY dark in Blackout, it’s still comforting to get lost between the pages of a Ragnar Jónasson novel. I cannot recommend these books highly enough! I loved Blackout, got thoroughly immersed in the story, and I didn’t want it to end. All the stars. Always." - Bibliophile Book Club

"This is one book you won’t be disappointed by. ... It’s official, Jónasson has written himself into my heart and onto my list of great crime writers." - The Crime Book Blog

"It’s full of suspense and the claustrophobic atmosphere created by the volcanic eruption makes for a dark, thriller of a read." - Portobello Book Blog