Ragnar Jonasson

author of the Dark Iceland series

“Ragnar Jonasson is the Stephen King of Icelandic thrillers.” - SHE READS


The HIDDEN ICELAND series revolves around female detective Hulda (literally meaning “hidden woman”) and is set in Reykjavik, the Icelandic highlands, in an isolated fjord and on one of Iceland’s most picturesque and inaccessible islands. The series also features, in book no. 4, inspector Helgi Reykdal. Rights sold to Penguin (Michael Joseph) in the UK, St. Martin's Press (Minotaur) in the US, La Martiniere in France, and Modernista in Sweden.

DIMMA (“DARKNESS”) - BOOK 1 (2015, ICELAND) (2018, UK/US)

THE ISLAND - BOOK 2 (2016, ICELAND) (2019, UK/US)

THE MIST   - BOOK 3 (2017, ICELAND) (2020, UK/US)

Third Place - Novel of the Year Award 2017 in Iceland, selected by Icelandic booksellers.

One of the best-selling novels in Iceland in 2017.

"To thriller fans I want to say: Read this book at Christmas. It is extremely exciting, the tension is such that the reader sometimes literally feels uneasy. This is Ragnar's best book by far. First and foremost great tension throughout." - Kiljan TV show, Kolbrún Bergþórsdóttir

"The Mist is the best book I've read by Ragnar. The first part of The Mist is incredibly exciting and reminds the reader how rare it is these days that thrillers, even renowned thrillers, are really thrilling. Then I do not mean excitement in the form of anticipation, which in itself is something to enjoy, but that the reader becomes afraid, even terrified now and then. Ragnar manages this again and again in the first part of the book, where there are many thrilling chapters set in a remote farm in a snowstorm. The interaction there, between three or four characters, are really nerve-racking for the reader. The first part of the book is certainly not for anyone afraid of the dark. "The plot is incredibly well woven and the reader gets a satisfactory solution. On the whole, The Mist is an incredibly accomplished thriller, containing most things which any thriller fan would seek - above all the excitement which is so rare in thrillers nowadays." - DV Iceland ****

"An amazingly well structured book. His best book in my opinion." - Kiljan TV show, Sigurdur Valgeirsson

"The Mist is not only a good thriller, but the author also looks inside the mind of the main characters and the struggle they face." - Morgunbladid

"An exciting and well plotted story, without a doubt the author's best book." - Fréttabladid

"Very exciting, he is very successfully pushing the boundaries of the genre."  - Katrin Jakobsdottir, Iceland's Prime Minister


Featuring Inspector Helgi Reykdal, and Hulda Hermannsdottir.